Velocity throughout high school

what does the average high school pitcher gain in velocity from freshman year tell graduation. as in 5 mph from freshman to sophmore or 3 from sophmore to junior things like that. i know steven ellis posted his on here somewhere

What you posted is about a good rule of thumb. Set goals you can acheive and then set about exceeding your own expectations.

everybody has their own genetic potential and matures at different rates. However, i would say that few freshman throw over 80, few sophomores throw over 85, and few juniors throw over 88 or 89. You’ll probably gain the most from 8th to 9th or 9th to 10th when you hit a growth spurt, but that’s just average, I’m sure it varies a ton.

i agree

As everyone else said, it varies per person. When I came into high school I was throwing 78-80, and it stayed like that until I was a Junior. I had a bit of a growth spurt and I was 84-86 the rest of high school. Different people gain strength differently and it also depends on how serious you take conditioning your body correctly. Also don’t become so enamored with trying to increase velocity that you lose sight of other things that make a good pitcher. Of course we all want to throw harder but there are many other aspects of pitching that are necessary to work on.

yeah i did some thinking and agree im going to think about velocity but i mean really i think people should stop worrying about velocity. i mean if you make it to 95 great but that does not mean your a good pitcher. also if you dont make it to 95 you can still be a good pitcher. if i make it to 95 great if i never gain another mph that just means it wasnt in the cards but i know i went down swinging. So i think i just need to put the work in and see what happens good things usually happen to those who work. lol now not meaning i dont want to throw 95 just saying it might not be there but im going to try my best to find out.
Sorry about this little rant thanks everyone for the responses