Velocity Table

If I throw about 65mph rite now at the age of 12, how fast will i throw at the age of 18. Please give me the velocity at that age, and your formula for determining velocity.

Sorry kid, nobody can tell you how hard you will throw several years from now. There aren’t any crystal balls with velocity.

But do i have above-average velocity?

I wouldn’t really say that it’s above average for that age, but it’s a good speed to be at for 12 for sure. Thing is in the next 6 years you’re going to change a lot, and in that time it will determine how hard you throw. So get workin!

If any one asks you how fast you throw… say about 65 miles per hour, then say that’s your knuckleball without the knuckles. :lol:

Seriously, your doing fine at that age and you should improve with reasonable workouts, good breakfast and nutrition management, and attention to your priorities of health, family responsibilities and school and socializing.

You’ll do fine.

Coach B.

Socializing is one of my responsibilities? Geez, my mom said taking out the garbage was my responsibility. :smiley:

when my guy was 12 , i can think of around 50 guys who threw mid 60’s (everyone at the national tournament level. what you have to be careful of is if you have a quality breaking pitch. you can throw it a ton and pile up strike outs, but you will not increase your arm strength. throw your fastball the majority of the time if you have a good one. 65 at 12 is a good fastball.

you have no idea how much and when you will grow. genetics and how big your parents and their families are have a ton to do with how big you will get. you can’t control that

are you a righty

Are you sure you throw that hard?

Educated guess, I am one of the harder throwers in my league.

That’s what I thought. :roll:

Usually people are surprised (and humbled) by what they throw when they actually have a radar gun on them.

But you’re only twelve so you should just concentrate on listening and working on your game instead of trying to give advice all the time.

What I listen, I am always trying to get advice on my game.

Hey bud,

Don’t worry too much about your velocity right now. That will come along with time and as you grow and your body matures. It sounds like you have a god arm for your age. I was alot like you at 12, and I’m sure that alot like me you can just throw the ball past most guys in your league. Right?

But the important thing is that you work on hitting your spots inside the strikezone. Be able to put the ball on a dime wherever you want by the time you are in high school, and you will be fine. Velocity will come, but if it helps any, when I was twelve I had about three buddies who along with myself were throwing pretty consistently around 65 to 68, and that was on a gun. And that was between 12 and 13. Now we are all between 84 and 90 right around 18, so just keep working. Keep that cocky attitude for when you are pitching and you might go far.

I have a god arm? :lol: I guess my arm will die, then resurrect. :lol: :lol:

But thanks for the advice.

Is there anything I can do to improve my velocity?

there are probably 600 things you can do. All of them previously listed on this website. I recommend throwing a lot and eventually getting into a weightlifting program.