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Just heard about this amazing story and was wondering if anyone has either tried the program or knows anything about the authenticity of it. Its 435 dollars which is quite a bit of money in my eyes. It seems like people swear by this program. Any thoughts?

What’s it all about? How about posting some information so we can read about it and see if there’s anything to it?

this is only part 1 there’s three parts you should find in the related videos section. totalling about 12-15 minutes. its about a recovered minor league picher using some of his and tom house’s techniques to recover his armstrength and even improve. they sell a package now titled “velocity” for a high price. I’ve never taken part in these sort of things and don’t really plan on starting. but i found his story and the theories the program was based off of to be pretty interesting.

IMO you can find the same info from some of the more referenced books, sites and you tube videos on this forum.

…and it don’t cost $435.00

People from both sides of the aisle weighed in here:

those were all good points in that conversation that you linked there. i’m unclear though, is it just your everyday weighted ball program only without actually releasing the ball? i can see how throwing a baseball without actually throwing it could be seen as counterproductive and definately could develop bad habits. i’ve just heard the evidence but again, the point you made about there being no control group, although its hard to think that all those kids would have improvements of that magnitude and consistency.

I never said the NPA Velocity program does not work. I am actually very sure that it works for developing velocity.

I am an NPA-certified instructor and I am just now taking my first pitcher through the program so I don’t yet have any first-hand results to report. However, I can say that what I think you’re really paying for is this:

(1) A program that will likely provide health benefits because it was initially developed to strengthen and eliminate imbalances in the shoulder to reduce injuries.

(2) A personalized program derived from the NPA’s proprietary database and formula that reportedly is highly successful at producing velocity improvements of at least 4mph.

(3) A program that should be safe because it was reviewed and approved by the USC medical school.

(4) A legitimate track record as they have been running this program for a couple year before it was even publicized.

From the sounds of it its sounding like a huge success. The problem is I don’t have 435 dollars to put towards a pitching program. i am interested in it though and will continue to research it. perhaps i can piece together my own through my findings. why isn’t this program more implemented in major league training workouts?

I’d guess there are probably multiple reasons including…

(1) it hasn’t been publicly available that long

(2) many major league organizations like to do things their own way and don’t want their pitchers seeking outside instruction/training

(3) perhaps there is a feeling that pro level pitchers don’t have much room to improve their velocity

(4) it’s not really possible to prove the health benefits - at least not in the short time the program has been around

(5) not everyone in major league baseball is fond of Tom House

(6) the proprietary nature of the program mandates working with the NPA (see points 2 and 5)

FWIW, the pitcher I’m putting through the program is a college pitcher and his coach is pleased he is going through the program because it demonstrates he is putting out the effort to improve.

There’s also the possibility that it has been in pro ball orgs but isn’t publicized. This happens with all sorts of things.

Thanks for the reasoning. those points do make sense. I’ve heard Tom House and his ideas do seem controversial at times. well this is certainly an interesting program and idea. so i’ll continue to follow it.

He’s only “controversial” in situations where…a guy wants to “make his bones” by denigrating or in an MLB /pro situation where his program supplants the existing PC and thusly toes get stepped on…I consider his approach THE middle of the road, he’s a non-extremist…to the far extreme one way you have the “throw the crap out of it” side and to his other side the Marshallites and those similar who propose to move away from the “traditional” techniques.

I think the folks who promote Tom understand this and are stalwart in defending his position…but the game is all about success and none of the others have the amount or caliber of alumni who swear by him that House does…so it goes…

Absolutely. I really have no idea whether this is being used by pro orgs.

Absolutely. I really have no idea whether this is being used by pro orgs.[/quote]

What? A weighted ball program? Not likely.

I know a few pro pitching coaches using a weighted baseball program with their guys. Usually their own that they came up with, but it’s not impossible that they used House’s program as inspiration.

With the way professional organizations are with their pitchers, it’s unlikely that they would put their investments through weighted ball programs as a group. Heck, Strasberg (sp?) got shutdown when he was healthy in a pennant race! Most orgs throwing programs are so limited it’s to no surprise pitchers aren’t ready to handle the workload of 200 innings.

Whats the program Steve Delabar used for his arm? And where can i buy it? (If its in a book form)

I don’t know where to order it?