Velocity question...

Hey guys,

My name is John - I’m a senior in high school, and I’m going to Haverford College next year to pitch. I’m not large - 5 foot 11, 145 pounds. Anyway, I want to hear some opinions about the following:

I’m doing a throwing program to increase my velocity once a week. I also do lower body lifts twice a week and try to throw a bullpen once a week.

During the season, my fastball sits at 79-83, and I’ll touch 84 a couple times a game. If it’s summer and I’m feeling loose, I’ll be 81 to 84.

For my throwing program, we throw many different weighted balls. Now, in January, I am throwing a four ounce ball (lighter than a baseball) 78-82 miles per hour with a running start and a cro-hop. The speed is low probably because it’s still only January, but here’s what seems a little strange to me.

When I throw a three ounce ball (just an ounce lighter then the ball I throw 78 to 82), I sit 86-89, occasionally 90, topping at 91. Is it normal to throw a 3 ounce that much harder than the four ounce? And could anyone try to explain why my four ounce speed is the same or slightly less than my fastball speed?

Thanks a lot.

We do tons of weighted baseball training. That’s not necessarily normal, but it’s not crazy either. You also may run into some 4 oz balls having a weird coating on them that radar guns have trouble picking up - we have had this issue with Markwort manufactured ones, so that could be playing into the issue.

At any rate, gain some more weight, man! Start eating more and get to 170-180 and you’ll see your velocity shoot up.

Good luck!

Definitely. Gain some lbs.