Velocity question

So I was told about a month ago by a father who was catching for me that I throw low to mid 80s. He played baseball in college and his son is a good friend of mine and he was clocked in the low to mid 80s. Then a college coach who watched me pitch said that I was in the 83-85 range pretty consistently. A scout for the LA Dodgers back in July of 09 said I threw around 80-82. I have gotten stronger since then and made some mechanical changes.

Based of this info, would it be fair to say that I throw somewhere in the low to mid 80s?

PS. Just in case you were wondering I went to a tryout camp where I met the Dodgers scout it wasn’t just because he came and watched me play :smiley:

That’s probably where you’re throwing—low to mid-80s, and that’s not bad. My guess is you would like to increase that speed to the upper 80s, so go for it. You might even hit 90. Just remember to get your whole body into the action, drive off the lower half using the legs, the hips and the torso in one continuous motion to get more power behind your pitches, and don’t be surprised if you do hit 90. 8)

Why don’t you just have someone with a radar gun clock you with it (like a Stalker or Juggs) instead of just guessing?

Or go to a showcase or camp where they are gunning the pitchers there.

Then you would know for sure.