Velocity Question

I am a 6’1, 155 pound, 15 year old freshman. I went to a baseball camp today and got clocked at 69 mph. Just wondering if that is good for my age.


I would say that would be the national average for a 14-15 year old.

If you use the search feature you could type in 15 year old pitcher velocity and there have been plenty of other users who have posted their velocity and you can compare it against that.

Thats pretty good!
Im 5’5 and maybe 120 lbs and 14 years old And my top speed (for a strike) is 71mph. keep workin!

I feel like for your size you should be throwing harder than that, then again you are young and have 4 years approx till you’ve fully matured and against other 15 year olds it isn’t that bad. I wish I started earlier, i’m sure it makes a huge difference

I would says that average. You still have alot of growing to do. Get on a good weight training program, improve your nutrition, and most importantly improve your mechanics as much as possible.

I hit 80mph last year at 15 years old, 6’2, and 180lbs after 5 months of hard lifting and extremely thorough mechanical work.

Not that I disagree with you but he has a lot more than 4 years tell he is fully matured most men don’t fully mature tell about 24. You’re right around average where you should be.

You really shouldnt be worrying about velocity at your age right now. At your age you could gain 15 mph in one year, you could gain nothing. Everything is so random and screwed up that you should just be worrying about mechanics. I gained 7 mph every year since i was in like 5th grade, and then freshman and sophmore years I gained 10mph each. You are tall enough that if you changed some things I am sure you could easily be throwing harder in just a few weeks…

I guess its no surprise that this topic comes up so often. I just posted on a similar thread about size and velocity.

Anyways, you’ve got to understand that velocity is relative. If you get hitters out…most people won’t care how hard you throw. Side note…a good change up can make up for A TON of velocity. So do become too obsessed with how hard you throw… alot will indeed come from good weight training/conditioning/maturing.

That being said… at 6’1" I would think you will def. be able to develop quite a bit more velocity than what you threw at camp. Again, take in to consideration the time of the camp…most velocities are DOWN during the winter months when your arm isn’t in great shape. Just by preparing for the season with a dedicated long toss program, you should be able to gain atleast into the mid 70’s and beyond.

If you have any specific questions about how to go about that…I teach a full fledged preseason arm-strength session at my indoor facility…i’d be happy to give you (or anyone) some pointers…

Keep working.