Velocity progressions

So my son just turned 15. 5’10", 140lbs. Clearly still growing. He is Going to be a sophomore come Sept. Did well pitching JV this past season.

He really started working hard beginning this past Sept on getting his velocity up by working out and doing some drills.
He is doing a velocity/arm care program now with professionals. (right now and come November)
Is there hope for him to get in the 70-75mph or higher range come March/April?
He seems to be a late bloomer. Always had the weakest arm.

velocity progress

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Sounds like he is on the right track. Trust and embrace the training process outside of baseball. At his age he needs to out eat (with quality calories) and out sleep his opponents. Shoot for a weight of around 180lbs or his inches in height x 2.5 = minimum goal weight (Mass=Gas). By March he should be able to get to 170 or 175 just by eating a peanut butter and jelly or 2 every night before bedtime along with his current diet. My son and I would fix bacon egg and cheese bisquits 1 weekend morning so he would have 2 each morning. No eating sugary cereal for breakfast. Have him weigh each week to hold his diet accountable. Most kids think they eat a lot of calories but tracking through my fitness pal or another app shows a true picture. Strength in quality chin-ups (palms facing toward face) shooting for 15. Ideal form with reverse lunge (simulates pitching) loaded with dumbbells is the easiest way to add weight. Pushups and deadlifts if possible. Look for a good long toss program and try (if possible ) incorporating β€œThe King of The Hill” for ground force to ensure he is using his legs. Most velocity comes from legs and torso. It is not uncommon at his age to make a jump of 10-12 mph in one year. If at 69 as a 15 year old a realistic goal in 8 months would be 75-80 if he has the desire to put the effort in. Be on notice as his body grows in height and weight he might seem a bit uncoordinated for a month or so which could correlate to a loss of command. Good Luck

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Thank you for the reply.
Much appreciated