Velocity Loss

I do a lot of flat ground work over the winter and early spring. Once the preseason starts and we go outside, our mounds are mostly flat. Throughout the season, I pitch on poor mounds that are not very steep. As my team progressed into the tournament, we played at nicer stadiums where the mound was a lot higher. I noticed I lost a lot of velocity on the higher mounds, which I immediately regained on lower mounds. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem. It almost feels like my arm is coming through too early because my foot lands later, but I’m not sure. Any tips on how to fix this?

You’ve gotten so accustomed to pitching on flat ground or low flat mounds that when you have to pitch on a regulation height mound you run into trouble. It has affected your mechanics to the point where your release point has gotten out of whack. No wonder your velocity has suffered.
You could get one of those portable mounds and take it with you to a gym or some other indoor venue when you can’t work out of doors. There’s no getting away from it, you’re going to have to get accustomed to pitching from a higher elevation if you want to get your velocity back to where it was. 8)

My suggestion would be to concentrate on staying back longer.

What I mean is when you’re on flat ground, you’re going to go out to landing pretty fast which I think might be one of the factors for the decrease in velocity. If you concentrate on staying back a little longer, that might help the timing of your body and have a better landing position.