Velocity Issues


I am a freshman pitcher and have some velocity issues, but am not sure why. I’m a lefty that throws at a sidearm angle which I understand takes off a little bit of velocity from throwing over the top. My pitching is similar to Orioles pitcher Donnie Hart(link below). I’ve always wanted to go to college and eventually to the pros, but my fastball has always been a little bit below average. My fastball velocity is usually between 60-65. I also have a cutter, slider, and changeup. Any suggestions that will help me to gain velocity on my fastball? Thanks.


You may want to check out the log for Lanky Lefty. I believe he pitches side arm. He started his log as a high school freshman throwing low 70s, and he went on to pitch in college and the pros. It is one of the best logs on this site because he shares exactly what he did during those years.




Throw over the top.


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@robertalmy4 have you ever had a total body orthopedic baseball exam? An exam like this can uncover some of your “weak” areas, that, once addressed, should allow you to throw harder, have more sound mechanics…and…no pain :wink:


Never heard of it, but sounds great. Can you send a link?




Where do you live @robertalmy4?