Velocity isn't everything... but it helps

Hello there good reader. I am currently on a quest to reach 90 MPH on the radar gun. As a 15 year old sophomore, I sit around 85 consistently. But with my Texas Boy frame, (6’5, 210) I expect alot more velocity than that. I have read the “10 Ways to Improve Pitch Speed” article, and that helped a little bit, but some things still seem a bit grey in my mind. If anyone has any other tips/exercises/etc to improve velo, it would be greatly appreciated.

If you keep on practicing and be injury free i think you will hit 90 with your frame. In my high school a kid named Dellin (forgot his last name) was throwing 97-98 MPH and he was 6’7 i think 18 years old… Drafted by the yankees last year so just keep on

Dellin Betances, he’s wicked good. Said he could be better than Phil Hughes. Too bad I don’t like the Yankees…lol.

Dellin Betances is like 6’9 and throws gas mid to upper 90’s. He got drafted by the Yankees last year.


Is it possible to improve 10-15 mph in a year if you are sitting around 70-80s right now if you work hard and if you have a mid-high nineties fastball r u guarenteed to get drafted?

yea him… i went to high school with him last year grand street campus… i seen him pitch one game too… no hitter … pretty scarey to look at lol

Steve’s book, TuffCuff is a solid explanation of how to become fit to pitch. In layman’s terms, which is very handy.

By doing some strength training your body will improve it’s athleticism and ability to activate motor units in a short amount of time. Thus it should allow you to better your velocity. Although it very’s person to person, expecially with the frame you already have.

Mechanics can do a lot. I added a few miles per hour this fall in a matter of days after posting a video of my throwing and people pointing out tweaks I should make.
There are plenty of people who know mechanics around here so I encourage you to get some footage if possible.

Out of curiousity have you been done growing for a while, or still possibly have some room to grow?

I’m actually in somewhat of a growthspurt as of now. When I injured my growth plate last Spring, the doctor told me that I should grow to be around 6’7. Pretty neat I must say.

Wow, I would definately say increase your motor unit coordination and activation could have some good results for your velocity. This would be done with strength ttraining via many different methods.

Definately just work on throwing a lot to. With a frame of that size you need to work on timing more than shorter guys as coordination is generally a harder thing to achieve. The better your timing the better your potential velocity.

Eat well does so much for overall wellbeing.

Aight, sounds good. Thanks alot man.

Your velocity is where it needs to be given your age.

Given that you are just a HS sophomore, your are probably on the watch lists of multiple scouts.

If I were you, I would focus on things like…

  1. Movement.
  2. Commend (e.g. hitting your spots).
  3. Your change-up.
  4. Developing a sharp 12-6 curveball.

That is what will really impress the scouts.

Your velocity will likely keep rising as you get older and stronger.


Probably, but you aren’t guaranteed to make it to the big leagues.

Velocity isn’t everything.

I hope scouts are looking at me, that would be totally sweet. I want pitch for Tulane. I don’t mean to brag or anything, but I pretty much do all of the things that you mentioned. My fastball runs away from the righties, my circle change stays low and induces groundouts, my curveball is absolutely filthy, and I live on the black of the plate. I can get more schools to look at me becuase I am a lefty right?

Yes. Since you’re a lefty you’re velocity is already good enough.

Also, where do you live?

There are probably already people watching you without your knowing it.

I live in the DFW area. There’s quite a few good prospects out of this area every year.

sounds to me like you got a good future ahead of you if you stay focused. train hard. and do good in school… by your senior your im pretty sure you’ll hit atleast low 90’s if your injury free and that can get you a nice scholarship!! :wink: