Velocity inconsistencies

Just wondering if anyone else has this problem at times. I’ll be pitching, and despite not changing anything, some fastballs come out feeling like 74, and others come out, in the 7th inning no less, at about 84, but I don’t change anything. Why does my arm just move faster sometimes? Has anyone else had this?

Does it feel like that big of a difference or have you been clocked in a game?

In my playing days there was no such thing as a radar gun. My wise and wonderful pitching coach did all right with a good reliable stopwatch, and on occasion he would time me—during a bullpen session he would have me throw all my pitches, nine or ten at a time. I was not particularly fast, but I was surprised to find that I ranged from 86 MPH (my hard slider) to any of several changeups in or around 70—and the best part was that my control and command of all of those pitches was consistent. What was so funny—and so discombooberating and so confusing to the batters I faced—was that I was an exasperating, infuriating sidearmer with a crossfire that I used all the time! So I don’t think that this kid should be too concerned about the fluctuations in his velocity—it does happen, so go with it. :baseballpitcher:

Well I haven’t had the gun in the game, but I’ll throw a fastball that is definitely not above 75-76 just seeing it, then a few later I’ll throw one that’s can’t be under 82-83 and I’ll even hear the second baseman or shortstop say that I put a little extra on it. The only thing is I didn’t purposefully do anything different

May not be as large a differential as you’re thinking. I was watching several pitchers gunned at a camp a couple of years ago and was surprised at how much faster 3 mph seemed just looking at the pitch. If I was guessing the difference I would have been way off.

You will have some variation in connectivity from pitch to pitch, which isn’t uncommon in younger or less experienced pitchers. As you repeat your mechanics better, velocity will be more steady.

Also intent may be a significant factor.

I find myself sometimes unconsciously reducing my intent with a 3-ball count if I need to throw a strike. And that will always be my lowest velocity reading for the day (as low as 86-88 at times when I do that), and then when I am in attack mode as usual I will range as much as 7 or 8 mph faster (usually topping out between 93-95).

Again, if you have these massive variations from pitch to pitch, it is likely inconsistent mechanics, possibly as a result of an inconsistent mindset - focusing on your pre-pitch routine, including a deep breath, same focal point and a keyword to get you locked in, will help you repeat.