Velocity inconsistancies


So on my best fastball, i will top at 79, and sit 74-76, then some days i will get a bullpen in or even on certain games, i will be 71-74, any thoughts?


Your Velocity is reflective of your preparation leading up to stepping on the mound. Take a look at your mechanics at 79 compared with 71, see if there are any changes you make. Look at your diet, properly eat a balanced diet. Look at your warmup, are you doing too little or too much? are you doing the right stuff? Are you preparing properly on the days prior to the mound? Are you gathering Fatigue? Weather?


Ive been doing the same thing every time, but ive been looking for a better warm up routine.


Besides the usual suggestions - mechanics, preparations, and so on, you’re also impacted by other conditions such as the surface that your pitching off of, the environment (humidity, heat, cold, etc…) and so on.

Conditions that are often overlooked are those influences pertaining to your Biorhythms.

Biorhythms are things that influence you in cycles. Everyone has their own Biorhythms, and that’s as personal and unique as it gets. Your emotions are a biggie here. Little things can crop up and accumulate out of no where, distract your attention span and things can go south from there in a hurry.
For example, miss the strike zone with a few pitches, an umpire’s influence on your game quality (in your opinion) and so forth can knock you down a few pegs.

If you’re going through the growing and maturing years of your life, a change in hormone balances are a hard nut to crack and understand. Food intake is another tough landscape. Time release foods that provide you energy and performance, if not taken in the right combinations and with enough time to be digested and support the body’s demands, often go unnoticed.