Velocity in a Bullpen or Warmup Vs. Velo in live game

Do you guys find you have more velocity in a live game compared to throwing in a bullpen?

When I throw in a bullpen at game speed I’m 81-83 mph but when I throw with the exact same effort/approach in live games I’m 84-87.

Do any of you guys have a boost in velocity? From warmups to live game? Using the same amount of effort?

Is it adrenaline? Body naturally reacting to competition? Phsychological?

It’s probably a combination of aggression and competition. Have you ever noticed that when like a closer comes in with a big lead, he tends to struggle and give up a few runs. This can happen because there isn’t that adrenaline rush that those closers desire. Aggression is another thing, I’ve just noticed when I’m in the bullpen I don’t throw as hard because in competition I feel like I just want to pound the ball down their throats. I get this aggression and this cockiness that I can throw the ball down there throats, which gives me more velocity.