Velocity improvement

ive heard that some people have jumped over 10 mph (78-87) by just focusing on a longer stride and gaining more momentum. Tell me what you think of this my friend showed it to me do u think it is accurate?

Dick Mills week at the old forum :lol:

Sure some guys can jump speed.
…shoot we have a regular poster that swears he jumped up quite a bit by just thinking about it…Look up Ristar and his associated posts.
Would it surprise you to know that many have increased 10 mph by simply completeing puberty?

This is one of several threads/posts wondering about his program this week. So please forgive me for repeating what I’ve said in the past…There are no short-cuts, if you want to be a great pitcher work on your entire game, get help on making your mechanics as efficient as possible, learn…learn…learn…work hard. Get stronger…Not because I said so, but every single professional that I have ever heard (And I’ve met many) has said this is key…this includes Jon Pabelbon, Randy Meyers and Bobby Apadaka (Pitching coach of the Rockies). Don’t get muscle bound just like Dick says but get stronger. Study and inquire about a local reputable pitching coach (Call local college coachs and High School coaches, they’ll know) to possibly help in your mechanical refinement. Have a great diet, get rest between starts, learn about arm maintenance, love the art and keep your grades up…
Now pay me a couple of hundred bucks and have at it :mrgreen:

Dick Mills makes his living doing this, I am sure he can assist you (Not make you), he’s not the only guy who does it, he has a son who did well and he touched the pros himself. So there are a bunch of things he says that are good for a kid who wants to get better, some agree some disagree. I know it doesn’t clear up anything but believe me as you get older and pursue our art, you’ll understand that everyone has an opinion and will be more than willing to share it with you…some will make you pay, some just love it and kids and want to help,…I suggest you keep looking and learning and talking about it. Above all have fun.

Well said as always … I’m sure the guru’s are out there now searching for a way to make puberty a billable service …