Velocity has went down?


As my sophomore season of college starts up, I’ve noticed my velocity in my pitches has decreased a ton through out the years I have been playing. I started out pitching my junior year in high school topping out around 91 and consistent 88-89 spotting up. My senior year in high school I stayed around the same and maybe dropped one or two MPH. In my freshman year in college I dropped to 84-85 and now I am at 82-84. What could be the problem? it feels like I’m not throwing the ball hard at all even though I am going full 100%

I don’t think it’s dead arm because I’ve had it for over a year and I thought you could work it out.

Our throwing program consists of:

Build up stretch throws
4 minutes working our way to 90 ft
4 minutes at 90 ft
4 minutes to get to 120 ft
2 minutes at 120 ft
Then we work it in from there.
All throws are by moving the feet and using your legs.

I throw harder during a flat ground than I do off the mound. Kinda confused as to what is going on. I have my old throwing arm back with the 90+ velocity but only during a flat ground. Once I hit the mound I am back in the low 80s.


Not much of a throwing program.


I’m confused. You say your sophomore season is starting up but you also mention your sophomore season as if it was in the past, Are you referring to college and high school seasons? Also, you said yyou hit 91 your junior year but then your velo dropped your sophomore year - did you mean your senior year?

Dead arm could be part of the problem. Dead arm is a deficit situation so you don’t work it out - you lighten your workload to let the arm recover.

You might also have a mechanical and/or timing issue. Post some video if you would like some feedback.


Absolutely sounds like dead arm. But have the same questions as Roger.


Yes, sorry about that. I hit 91 my junior year of high school and now my velo has dropped and I am a sophomore in college.

Update - I throw a harder flat ground than I do off of the mound. Its like I have my old 90+ arm like I did in high school but only for flat grounds, but as soon as I hop on the mound its in the lower 80s. Not really sure what is going on…


So the slope is causing you to change something (timing, probably) for the worse as compared to flat ground. Videos of you on the mound and on flat ground would allow a comparison.


I see, I think I’m flying open to quickly due to my foot not hitting the ground soon enough. Any tips or drill on how to fix that?


Do you have some video?


Yeah, it’s hard to make any recommendations without seeing you. The one exception that I’m ok with making blindly is to get yourself moving down the hill faster - don’t give yourself time to open up early.