Velocity.God Given?

im 15 yrs young and my fastball is low 80s
i was just wondering. is velocity a god given ability or you can work on it?
if you can work on it
i’d like to know how to increase it.

Just keep throwin. Long toss bullpens all that. Strengthen up those legs core. Stay healthy.

Velocity is no where near god given. You may get 70 mph by doing nothing. But to get to 90+ you got to work hard and every part of your body. But when working out remember “The arm doesn’t throw the ball, the body does.”

Very well said guys. You’re both right on!

BTW, low 80’s for 15? That’s gas, my friend :bowdown:

I gotta disagree a little here. I know you gotta work to get 90+, but I don;t agree with the “may get 70mph by doing nothing” because i was topping out at 85 at 15 and I didnt start lifting or any of that until I was 16.



thank you

Velocity is given to you by a radar gun. :redecoration:

I think that yes, to a certain extent, velocity is god given. God looked at Nolan Ryan, Joel Zumaya ect… touched their arms, and said “You all will be Men among Boys”

I think with hard work, almost anyone could reach 80 mph, anyone with athleticism and a live arm can reach 90, but beyond that genes and other predetermined factors come into play.

The thing I get conflicted with is that we teach kids that velocity isnt that important, and then we turn around and have everybody spending hours and hours in the gym in search of a couple more digits. For someone who wants to hit 85 say, and is peaking at say 81 or 82, are those dozens and dozens of hours of focus for just a bit more velocity really worth it. 85 is merely average in some high level highschool’s and its not special in D2 or D1. In a case like this, wouldn’t those dozens of hours of blood, sweat, and tear have been better spent developing say a terrific array of offspeed offerings, a merely average velocity wise fastball with exceptional movement, or some above average control. I see alot of people on these forums devoting themselves to a number. “I want to hit 80 by the time I’m 16”. Thats a good goal to have, but at the age of 16 80mph is not going to seperate you from the pack. I’m not saying that everyone should stop working to improve your velocity, but that age old staying still stands true. Velocity isn’t everything.

to an extent there is just some people who are just blessed with the ability to pump 90+ with ease. for exaple there’s a junior in my area right now who touched 90 in 9th grade when he was 15 or so(no i am not lying) and burns at 95+ now from shortstop and looks like he puts nothing into and throws maybe a couple mph slower from the mound. Now, of course, he is more developed than 90 % of kids his age and is just a freak of nature.

BUT, that’s a very tiny percentage of us. For the rest of us that doesn’t come without a TON of hard work and dedication.

Just be grateful ur blessed with that talent and work your butt off so it doesn’t go to waste :wink:

Kids throwing 90 at the age of 15? What the heck you eat out there?

they eat cheat-e-o’s down there my friend, nah im kidding :stuck_out_tongue:

hahah… well its in floirida where it’s relatively southern… so maybe its southern cookin thats got to do with it. altough if it was that… i’d be throwing roughly 150 :lol:

I don’t think that velocity is at all god given. Look at billy Wagner. He broke his right hand when he was a kid and now he throws mid 90s as a lefty.

That argument should be used to prove that it is God given. 8)


The ability to do anything athletic is in some part inborn. God given or natural ability, or instinct, or whatever you choose to call it, talent is something that you are born with.

However, through training and dedication, skill can be improved. This is not the same as talent, and skill can overcome talent. The best situation to be in is to have both the talent to throw a fastball and the skill to throw it at your absolute best.

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