Velocity Gains

When did you get you biggest velocity gain?

-At what age did it happen?

  • How many mph did you gain?
  • What do you think made the change (ie. workouts, instruction etc.)?

I will start it off :smiley:

-I got my biggest velocity gain in Winter 2010
-I am 16 turn 17 years old
-I was throwing 72-75 mph in summer season 2009 now I am throwing 82-85 mph

  • I feel that getting on the TUFFCUFF program really effected my physical shape which lead me to throw harder. Also with the help of my Elite Travel Team that sports coaches who are Ex-MLB players helped my throwing and mechanics


junior year, i went from 84 to 87-88

Could you also add your changes in height and weight? Might be interesting to see similarities between them and the gained speed.

8th grade year to freshman year. I went from ~60mph to sitting 74-78mph. This was when i first found out about setpro, and from the things i could find i gained alot.

I went from 6’1, 140lbs in 8th grade to 6’2 180lbs at the start of my freshman season. Alot of food and lifting did this. even though I was nowhere near as strong as i am now at 6’3 175lbs.

What is setpro?

The summer and fall of my junior/ senior year. I went from ~84 to ~92. I actually stopped all lifting then, and I started to rollerblade 20 miles or so a day… I was about 6’ 1 and 180 at the time.

Most of the stuff isn’t free, but i took in what i could and applied it as best i could. Its creator, Paul Nyman, has posted on this forum before.

Sophomore to Junior year of high school.

Went from 72-74 to 80-81.

Grew 3 or 4 inches and gained 25 pounds.

about 4 mph. i havent radered my speed in a while. i nwasnt that into pitching until now.