Velocity from Lower Body


Hi everyone,

I made a post a few weeks ago looking for advice on my lower body mechanics (link: Getting Down the Mound vs. Keeping Weight Back). My lower body and core strength, which I have been working hard on in the offseason, haven’t translated to increased velocity.

Here is a video from today. I felt as though I was throwing harder, and my movement and breaking pitches were much sharper, but I was only sitting 84 during this pen (about average for me this time of year and a bit lower than what I average midseason).

If anyone sees anything that might help me out I would appreciate it.


One quick thing to add, I feel as though the timing of my hip rotation is late. It seems, from watching the video, that I land with my hips closed and prevent myself from achieving full rotation. Is this the case? If so, should I be actively firing my hips open before or into foot strike?


Need to lead with hips. Roger & others recommend using the Hershiser drill. Might want to think stay closed longer and get your butt (literally) down the mound.


I don’t think your hip rotation is late. Rather than starting your hip rotation earlier, I would suggest trying to delay shoulder rotation longer. And that starts with the glove arm. Since you drop your throwing arm down behind your, your glove arm’s “opposite & equal” position should be up in front. Failure to get it high enough will shorten its path and make it too quick. I think this is what the person talking to you in the video was getting at.

The other thing I would check is your time into front foot plant. Going from the stretch, have someone put a stopwatch on you and time you from first movement to front foot plant. Shoot for .90 - .95 seconds which should be possible even with a knee lift (in other words, you don’t need to use a slide step).