Velocity for size

I consider myself to throw hard for my size and I am wondering if it will carry over to when I’m fully grown. I am 15 years old 5’5, 115 lbs and top out around 78 mph. I want to know if anyone has had experience growing late and continued to throw hard for their size after they become fully grown, because I think that would benefit me greatly as a pitcher. Any advice will be appreciated.

Well man I’m probably not the best person to help answer this as I grew early and quite a lot. It’s for sure that you haven’t hit your main growth spurt yet, and there is a lot more in the tank for you which you will gain by maturing and growing. Don’t be afraid to pack on some weight as you grow, possibly 10-15 lbs per inch you grow. Your velocity will increase as you become stronger with that extra size, it’s just a matter of keeping your body flexible and coordinated to maximize your potential. I was a pretty big 15 year old, 6’5" and 235 and now I’m 6’6" 250. When I hit my growth spurt early at 14, I lost TONS of coordination and tightened up like a guitar string. Be sure you work on this so the same doesn’t happen to you. If you keep working and stay devoted, you will definitely continue to get better. Good luck!

If you pitch well, it doesn’t matter what size you are. So focus on what you can control - your pitching.

That said, I personally was only 5’9" at my high school graduation, just having turned 18, but grew to 6’0" in college over the next two years. There is a medical term for this late growth - don’t recall the name - but it is hereditary.

My son just turned 15, and is almost 6’0" and 175 lbs. He started his growth spurt when he turned 14. He is now catching up to many of his tall friends, who had huge growth spurts starting at 12. In your case a lot will depend on what stage you are in your biological development, and other factors: How long have you been at 5’5"? Were you taller than your peers at younger ages? How tall are your parents?

I was around the same size in high school, graduated 5’9 155ish…touching 91. After freshman year of college I put on a few good pounds, didn’t shoot up much in height but learned how to be more explosive and mechanically sound. Could touch 5 and 6s but lived 2-3. Keep your mind focused on learning to pitch and the size will eventually become whatever its meant to be…size shouldn’t be a deterrent…it should be a driving force in what motivates you to work harder.

Update: I am now 6’1 180 and I’m sitting 88-90 and I’ve topped 94. I am now a junior in high school and am commited to Wake Forest. Just wanted to let everyone know that it’s ok if you grow late.


Congrats on committing to Wake Forest. I knew when I read your first post about throwing 78mph at 115lbs, that you would throw hard when you got bigger. 78mph at that weight would require pretty efficient mechanics. Did you actively try to gain weight over the past 3 years or was it just natural gain as you got taller?

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I got a lot bigger naturally but for the last year I was actively putting on weight. I went from 140 to 180 in the last year which helped a lot

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Impressive work. Just curious, how much did your velo improve during that last 40lb gain?

went from low 80s to low 90s at the top end

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Listen my kid is 5 ft 8 in and 130. He just turned 15 and hit 87 on the gun the other day at practice. He has gained about 15 lbs of muscle since 8th grade working out and eating right 3-4 times per week. Other than some long toss and a few bullpen sessions he did not pitch much at age 13 and 14. Trying to build some more muscle around the shoulder and elbow as well as the core before having him commit to throwing more thana couple innings in a game twice a month. He was throwing around 80 at 14 weighing in at 113 at 5 ft 5in. Too explosive for a kid that size so we dialed him back and worked on mechanics, location and flexibility. Now at 15 he is ready physically to throw more than an inning here and there and has some muscle mass to help keep him from getting fatigued and putting unwanted stress on a still growing body. Too much damage can be done to small arms that throw hard at young ages. If you know the kid has potential just dial him back and let him grow into his arm rather than overusing him in travel ball and increasing the chances for a bad injury.

My kid is only about 5 ft 8 and 130 and just turned 15. He tops out at 87 and can paint the corners. He has grown a couple inches over the past 6 months but proves that you can be of slight build and still bring the heat.