Velocity for 13 year old

Hello, I am a 13 year old pitcher in New jersey, currently being given lessons from a former minor league pitcher. My velocity currently is at 67mph. I wanted to know if that is above average, average, or below average. Thank you

hey dude whats up. 67mph at the age of 13 years old is pretty good i am not going to lie. When i was 15 years old i toped out at 75mph i think. Right now i am 16 turning 17 and i hit about 80mph consistently. So ya i would say above average.

It’s good! I was in that range at 13. Keep throwing strikes and working hard!


For 13, that’s excellent speed - I would say on the upper end for your age.

I have a 13 year old son and I see numerous pitchers throw on a regular basis. I coach more than 50 games a year and I see bits and pieces of probably twice that many games - all travel team games from AA Select to Major Elite - as I sit around waiting for our games to start. There are only a handful of kids that get up into the high sixties and a much smaller handful that can touch 70 at 13 years old. The fastest I’ve seen plays on one of the top teams in Kansas and can hit 75 on the gun. Of course, he’s over 6 feet tall and weighs something like 160 pounds.

My kid has hit 62 but crusises at around 58-60 during games and is very effective. What’s more, I rarely see kids who are throwing that much harder than him. I’ve read a number of posts where people say their kids are 9 years old and throwing in the fifties and sixties, and for the most part, it just aint happening. Yes it might be possible, but certainly not at the rate that people think.

While velocity is important, hitting your spots is important too. Keep working on increasing your velocity, but make sure you learn a good changeup to keep everyone honest.

Good luck.