Velocity dropped 8 mph in 1 week


I am 17 years old and I am not primarily a pitcher but a middle infielder. This summer I was throwing 81 mph off the mound and 82 mph from a crow hop (I didn’t get my infield velo tested but it felt just as strong as from crow hop). I decided to do a throwing program to improve arm strength. It was a lot of building my decelerator muscles and rotator cuff. After 5 weeks I was throwing 86-87 from a crow hop and after another 5 weeks I was a consistant 88 from a crow hop. The next day I went to a showcase and they basically told me I was gonna get an offer from them as an infielder and my arm felt great. I threw throughout the week and let my arm rest on Friday because Saturday (today) I had a tryout for a summer team. Arm felt fine but velocity was WAY down. I topped at 76 from the infield and 78 off the mound. My velo trainer told me it was because it was cold outside (it did drop about 25 degrees in a week) and not to worry about it. I’m not sure if temperature could affect my velocity as much as it did, that just doesn’t sound right to me. Any ideas of what’s going on? I’ve read a lot of people saying to take a break for awhile but I also don’t want to lose the muscles I built up from my throwing program. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks


The cold could contribute. But what I’d be more concerned about is how much throwing you did. You said threw throughout the week, rested on Friday, and had a try-out on Saturday. That could be a lot of throwing coming off the throwing program.


I did throw a good bit… So maybe a week off of no throwing would be best?


Cold can make a big difference. Throw lightly this week. Don’t stop altogether. They may have had a slower gun, or a bad angle while using it. It is impossible to know, but at this point I would not stop throwing completely unless your arm is not feeling perfect.

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The cold, not warming up enough, stress from the environment, bad sleep, dehydrated, arm is tired from the week, slow gun…all these things could contribute.
If you don’t have pain or discomfort you are probably fine. I agree with Ted in terms of taking it easy this week but not stopping all together. Do your recovery work (stretching, bands, wrist weights…whatever you are doing as part of your program) as normal this next week.
Total rest is not ideal recovery.