Velocity Difference: Flat VS Mound

I’ve always wondered, how much increase in velocity is there pitching off of no mound compared to pitching off of a raised mound?

I’ve noticed I throw a good amount faster pitching off of a mound than I do pitching on a flat rubber.

Does anyone here know exactly HOW big the difference is? I’ve heard like 5-8 MPH, but that seems kind of excessive to me.

It could be as high as 5-8 mph. I always felt like it was even more. I wonder if ASMI has done any studies on this??

I wouldn’t say that’s excessive. It’s one thing to work on flat ground when you’re working on something, but then you have to get up there on a mound and continue to work on whatever it is and refine it. Try this. Get a catcher and throw from flat ground for ten minutes. Have him or a third party time you with a stopwatch. Then get up on a mound and do the same thing. And notice the difference—I think you’ll find it considerable.
And by the way, if you’re a sinkerball pitcher, you HAVE to make sure the mound is high enough. I recall one game where Chien-Ming Wang was pitching for the Yankees against the Royals in Kansas City. He ran into trouble early in the game, and Jorge Posada came out to the mound and told him to shorten his stride. The reason? Wang is a sinkerball pitcher, and the mound in Kauffman Stadium is lower and flatter than the mounds in other ballparks—I’ve seen that mound, and it’s almost flat to the ground. And for a sinkerballer that spells disaster, unless that pitcher does what Posada suggested. Well, Wang shortened his stride, and he pitched seven strong innings and got the win.
Hope this helps. :idea: 8)

I’ve noticed about 4-6 MPH because you can’t push off anything on flat ground.

yeah it’s at least a 4 mph difference for me…I went to a showcase once where they had some of the pitchers pitch off a tall game mound but then they let the catchers use the field to do throw downs to second and I had to do my tryout off of a flat bullpen mound…it stunk haha