Velocity, arm problems, and mechanics

Hey guys,
I’m new to the forums and I’m going to post some videos soon if I can get a camera somewhere, but for now I just had a few questions.

My junior year in high shcool I was throwing about 82-83 with no arm problems at all, then over the summer I hurt my arm somehow. It seemed like literally an over night injury. I went to therapy for a few months and when I came back about halfway through my senior year, I had lost 8 or 9 mph on my fastball and a lot of my control. I figured it was just because I hadn’t thrown in 3 months. Right now, I’m playing at a d3 college, and I still haven’t gained any velocity or control back, and my arm still hurts.

When I got the MRI, they said there wasn’t any kind of tear or anything, but if it has hurt for almost 2 years now something has to be wrong with it, right?. It hurts when I’m throwing, in between my break and follow through. The therapist diagnosed it as posterior scapular something syndrome. He had me do a lot of stretching and resistance type stuff. Anyone have any ideas what could be wrong or how to fix it?

Also, what do you recommend for getting my velocity back? A lot of throwing or rotator cuff exercises?


Sounds like your original injury never healed. If that’s the case, you might not be able to get your velocity back until you get healed. Maybe a second opinion is in order?

By the way, the only thing you told us about your injury is that it is a “posterior scapular something syndrome”. That’s not a lot to go on.

And what you describe sounds like potentially labrium oriented. At your second check attempt to get them to inject dye, many labrium injuries cannot be detected with the naked eye. Stop pitching, you are not helping a thing if you aren’t repaired yet.

Thanks for the input