Velo / Spin Correlation


Was reading a Perfect Game post of top 25 Pitching Velos and another of top 25 Spin Rates . Only ONE pitcher showed up in both categories > #2 in Velo 94.9 #3 in Spin 3011.4 What conclusions , if any , can be drawn from this scenario ?


I believe the average spin rate in MLB is 2264 RPM. Pitchers with spin rates which deviate greatly from this number will benefit from being “not common”. A low spin rate (1800) will tend to sink and get more ground balls compared to an RPM of 2264. A high spin rate (2800) will tend to drop less and appear to rise compared to the 2264 RPM and get more pop ups, fly balls and swing and misses. Your guy with the 95 MPH fastball and 3011 spin rate sounds like Verlander.