Velo progression

? for those who have worked with kids 10-16…

My son is 13.5… smaller, late developer (5.5" 105 lbs). Has been throwing regularly since age 6, pitching since 10. Excellent mechanics & arm care & pitching specific exercises. Avg athlete.

He stalled out in velo from 11 to 13… literally was sitting @ 58 for 2 years. Legit guns & out of hand. Last 6 mos he picked up 4-5 & sits 63ish.

We dont worry about velo… I own a gun & used it twice this yr… we look at preseason & post season velo & CU to FB differentials.

He’s been a steady worker & growing steady (no spurts).

For those who have parented pitchers or trained in that 10 thru puberty age, what are the key stages, factors or predicators when kids jump in velo, stall & peak out?

Velocity at that age is highly correlated with biological (and not chronological) age. Just because he’s 13.5 chronologically does not mean he is at the same physical maturity level as every other 13.5 year old. He could be biologically 11 or biologically 17 (unlikely given what you’ve said).

The point is: Don’t worry about it. It’s impossible to predict future performance at that age.

I’d pawn the gun.
Use the money for continuing lessons or a couple of clinics. I consider it a useless judging tool, later as he is in HS and he wants to continue, you’ll see all the guns you’ll ever want to see.
I’d work on all-around fitness and body coordination…I love the martial arts for this, particularly at his age/maturity level, you will be shocked at how much more power that his body will develop by expanding the conditioning approach that you take. Kyle who posted above runs a comprehensive program out of the Northwest, many of our young posters follow his and Eric Cressey’s conditioning philosophey, Steven’s Tuff Cuff is also an outstanding conditioning book…my point build him, in diet and health, diversify, lose the intense focus on speed (Gunning him even twice a year is un-needed stress…even for fun…Why? Well if he’s lower for whatever reason you’ve created an expectation in which that will equate in his mind to failure). My boys are/were both pitchers, one of them making a pro run this spring after he finishes coaching a HS team, he got a full ride scholly and has been scouted by the Rockies and Cards, these were the methods in which we facillitated his progression (First time he was gunned was at a clinic as a freshman for comparison sakes).

my son this past year at 14 threw 56 at best. Played frosh football did not throw during football. They worked very hard at conditioning and lifting during football. At a try out his velocity was up to 64. This was after 2 and half months of not throwing. I really believe the conditioning in football all the explosive leg work and running helped.They do a variety of crazy running and lifting bags,relays,hills. He did not gain weight but his squat went from 130 to 170.

thx for the feedback.

Sounds like the jumps/progression go with size & strength from the replies.

Velo is something that is rarely discussed with my son, we are on the same pg w/ the thoughts yall shared. In the few readings from the gun he gets, its not aware to him w/ the exception of the CU/FB differential.
the radar has dust on it & gets most of the usage tracking golf swing speeds & birds… we keep things fun.

I try to educate him as much as possible so he can manage himself one day, but also pass along the knowledge. We’ve talked a lot lately about expectations & workouts since he’s bumping to 60’ & also a late bloomer.

Been going with the “you are going to have to be patient, harder worker & locate your pitches” mantra & from the feedback it sounds like the proper presentation.

I think he gets it. Kids in his program are popping 70-75 with atrocious mech’s & work ethics, but he sees they are 50-70 lbs bigger & already the size+ of their parents.

I’d rather be a late bloomer than early & we discuss that as well. Long journey.

Kyle, I think this is down your alley… how much does an 11 yr old biological body really get out of free weight/heavy workouts? He’s doing band & med ball work with speed and agility stuff as well, but I havent let him get into free weights etc as his body is clearly still waiting to go.

Very little. I do not take any 11 year olds into the weight room unless they are retrieving some medicine balls, bands, foam rollers, or push-up bars.

It’s a very frustrating age for any number of reasons :slight_smile: I don’t do many private lessons these days, but I’m working with an 11 year old who is in the high 60’s. It’s important that he learns the same humility lessons that your 11 year old does - it’s not about your ability level now. It’s about who will put in 7 years of constant work from now until the end of your senior year in high school.