Velo program


I recently read that Luis Severino used a softball abd threw only that gor 2 weeks to get his velocity, I know it has to do with other factors but do you guys think is worth trying


Sure… give it a shot. Why not… see what it does for you.


He had a bit of a rough outing yesterday, but I think an over-weighted ball can help. I’d recommend a baseball sized over weighted ball to a softball. Everyone has a few of those in their BP bucket :wink: Just weigh them on a scale and write the weight on the ball with a sharpie. Small weight differences are still effective.


As a kid in the late 70s/early 80s, I used to go down to the local high school soccer field and watch Jim Palmer long toss with a softball. Alan Jaeger of Jaeger Sports told me that Nolan Ryan long tossed with a softball … with nails in it. Pedro Martinez long tossed with a softball. Today, Joaquin Benoit long tosses with a softball. Two former Cuban baseball players I know, who played in the MiLB and now play in an adult league, throw with a softball every time they go out. They tell me everyone in Cuba and the Dominican Republic does it. They say it strengthens the arm, hands, and fingers, but also helps with the release point.


Reminds me of something I read Dick Mills wrote years ago about baseball pitchers training by throwing softballs. His reply (not per vadum) was something to the effect that pitchers who throw softballs become baseball pitchers that are good at throwing softballs. Not discounting the benefit just thought it was funny.


Reminds me that Dick Mills’ views were not accepted by the baseball community. He was of the view that virtually all pitching drills make pitchers good at drills and not pitching. Search “drills” on his website and you will see nothing but articles condemning drills and selling his video analysis. Good thing Jim Palmer, Nolan Ryan, Pedro Martinez, Joaquin Benoit, El Duque Hernandez, Luis Severino, and so many other MLB pitchers who long toss with a softball didn’t listen to him. Read article below.


I didn’t always agree with Mills views but learned to appreciate him more after his death. Got to say I agree with him more than I disagree. He was very engaging, any time I posted in his forums he was responsive & respectful. Don’t think I ever changed his mind about anything (although he did change mine occasionally). He could disagree without being disagreeable.