Varsity time

I’m going to be a juinor this year and at the pitching pasition there are 7 seinor pitchers and my mound time will be mininal, I also know that your juinor is your most important year, i dont think i will get enough playing time to get noticed by any collages, what should i do?

Coaches also scout around at big summer tournaments so make sure you are with a competative summer team.

Maybe hit a showcase camp or two hosted by a college you are interested in.

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They’ve got a ton of resources related to your question.

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Summer Ball.

When i was recruited in high school it was done 95 percent in summer ball. The only time a college coach came to one of my games was after i signed with the school and they had the day off. Now while in college the only day we have off is Monday and the coaching staff will only recruit maybe 3 mondays during the season as they also need a day off. Summer is when college coaches do most of their recruiting, high school is for the papers and summer is for the colleges. Theres a kid on my team D1 who didnt pitch on varsity at all until his senior year and this year he threw alot at my school. So relax if you dont pitch a whole lot in high school its okay, just try to find a good competitive summer team that maybe goes to some tournaments because you have a great chance of getting recruited there.

Remember the college season is going on the same time as the high school season. This makes it very hard to get noticed during the season. That’s why summer ball and showcases are so important. Try to get on a good summer team and go to a few showcases.

well my legion team is going to state so would that be a good oppurtunity?

Well it sure isnt going to hurt you, so yes thats a good start.

anyone from mass. or nh?

Im from Mass