Varsity as a Freshman


I’m a freshman in high school, a public school in middle Massachusetts. I have a fastball that sits at 75 mph, a changeup with about a 15 mph speed difference with a drop, and a developing curveball, the school I go to is consistently one of the weakest pitching teams in the state, with only one good pitcher. My AAU coach has told me I have a shot at varsity, but does anyone have any tips on what I should do, at tryouts or elsewhere?


I also am decent at hitting and very good defensively.


Im a sophomore and I just made varsity. At freshman year I was throwing 78-80MPH and played SS and 3B. Never even went up to JV and stayed freshman. My school is average and isn’t even that great. I feel if the Varsity coach doesn’t know you that well he will want to see how you perform at “your” level before bumping you up to varsity. Now I throw 82-84MPH and I am now a Pitcher only on my varsity team.


tips would probably include hustling all the time, being infinitely coachable and being a versatile guy. Show your coach that you can play everywhere just as good as the regulars.


Making the varsity squad as a freshman is not a big deal. HONEST! Play at the freshman level. OWN IT! Be seen because you are OWNING IT! Learn to become a leader as the players on the team see you as one of the best. Help make the other players better. Remember, these are the guys you are going to be playing with when you are a Junior and a Senior.

Making varsity as a Soph should be your target, and if you don’t then make sure you are a 1st string player on JV and play every single inning you can. Make them want to bring you up and find a stop on the squad for you. You will then have a better chance of actually playing and not sitting the bench a ton. This year we have no Freshman on our varsity team and last year we only had one. We had to send him down to JV for a couple weeks to “work on his mental game” and when he came back he still did not play every game. This year he is a Soph… and is not a starter on the squad.


I pitched on my varsity team as a freshman. The team wasn’t very good, but I worked hard to prove myself. I was named to the all-area team and won the best baseball player award at my school’s annual awards banquet. I threw in the low 80s and had 3 other decent pitches. If you can make varsity, go for it. But if you’re just going to occupy space on the bench, stay with the freshmen or maybe they’ll move you up to JVs. Work hard and see what happens. Good luck!


If you don’t make it this year, HIT THE GYM! It will help. I’m also a sophomore on varsity. I didn’t make varsity for any sport my freshman year, so I went to the gym daily and put on 30 pounds. This year I started on varsity in all 3 sports.I start either at 3rd or catcher or pitcher and hit cleanup. I can’t stress it enough. Make the gym your home.