Various Professional League Tryouts (More than 20 listed!)

More tryouts for 2007,RC,SI%20Tryout%20Form.pdf,RC,SI%20Tryout%20Form.pdf

I’m a fifth-year senior at Ball State University and I’m coming off of shoulder surgery that has limited my playing time up to this point in our college season. My question for you is whether or not attending a try-out of this nature would affect the remainder of my eligibility when dealing with the NCAA. Obviously at the conclusion of my college season, I would love to be playing affiliated baseball, but I am looking at all of my options right now. Most of these tryouts are the first week of May. Our season concludes the last week of May or early June depending on whether or not we win our conference tournament. Will my chances of sticking with an independent team decrease if I wait the three or four extra weeks to contact and workout with them? I appreciate all of your work on posting these tryouts. It was a great deal of help to have found all of these tryouts on one website. Thanks again for all of your help so far.


Attending a tryout will not affect eligibility, but signing a contract and cashing a check will. I suggest you call the NCAA office and ask specific questions, and if they make a specific ruling suggestion ask them to put it in writing. If you mess this up you’re done in amateur collegiate ball.

Another thought, though I’m not positive of the current ruling, in general with the NCAA once you are rostered you have five years to complete your four years of eligibility. Not sure how injuries affect this, but it allows for a single redshirt year.

Are you graduating 2007?



I took my redshirt last year as I had the surgery in Feb. before the season began. I also was able to graduate last year (somehow I did it in 4 years) and I am currently working towards my master’s degree. So this year is it for me in regards to playing college ball. I’m ready to take my game to the next level and work from there. I was just trying to make sure that my participating in a tryout for a professional team would not ruin my last month of eligibility or put a strain on my team as we’re coming down the home-stretch of the season. Thanks for the reply and I’ll look into getting in touch with the NCAA.