Utilization of the Weight Room


I am a 6’3 190lbs seventeen year old LHP. Right now I am throwing 80-83mph. I have good run on my two seam and a sharp action to my BB. I was hoping to start hitting the weights to increase my velo, which will create more revolutions on the ball causing my off speed and movement to be sharper. Considering my height, size, and the lack of utilization of a weight room, how much should my velocity increase if I work hard hitting the weights?


With proper mechanics 90+


There’s no way to know how much you will gain by hitting the weights- could be as much as zero. I would focus on strengthening the bottom half and on the back side of your shoulder. Are you working with a pitching coach??? Someone who knows how to coach and has pitched at higher levels (college/pro).


Yes, I have been working with a former pro scout, who played pro ball, and is a pitching coach of a big time high school baseball organization. I have been working with him since I was about 8, and I understand the mechanics of pitching well.


A solid strength and conditioning program that adds velocity should include start with foam rolling and a dynamic warmup. This will promote blood flow and improve mobility.

After that, strength training is a great way to become a better athlete and add velocity.

Compound exercises (certain squat, deadlift, lunge variations) are great ways for a pitcher to add velocity. Core stability exercises such as planks, deadbugs, stability ball rollouts, TRX fallouts, etc. are great ways to work and stabilize the core. This is crucial to development.

Medicine ball work is another essential component to a solid program. Throwing medicine balls helps generate rotational power. This helps transfer force from lower body up the kinetic chain to the arm.

Arm care exercises are very important as well. Very light (2.5 lbs or less) arm care exercises such as Y’s and T’s are just two exercises aimed at keeping the arm healthy.


Glad you’re looking to get in the weight room. Generally, there are no assurances to be made on how much velocity one could gain, but getting stronger will absolutely lead to higher numbers.


Damn you’re about to see a huge spike quick if you’re doing it correctly.


Thank you for all of your information. I will get in the weight room and hopefully see the benefits!