Utility player


Got a question-my son is a solid pitcher, but he also plays ss and 1st base-the coach this year is using him as a utility player-moving him whenever someone pitches-for instance the 3rd baseman pitches-he goes to 3rd-the positions are 1st, ss and 3rd. What do yall think about that? Also he had a bad outing the other day-he walked 4 batters in a row only threw about 3 strikes-before that he was doing so good-should I be worried-He is playing in a 10u travel league. Thanks for all your help.


Playing multiple positions is a great thing. As your son gets older and his body changes, he may end up being better-suited for some positions than others. The more positions he can play, the more useful he will be to his coaches and the better his chances will be for making future teams.

Young kids need to be encouraged and given the opportunity to play multiple positions. Unfortunately, there are many coaches who like to pigeon-hole kids at too young of an age. That fact that your son’s coach is willing to move your son around is a good thing and that he thinks your son is good enough to be moved around should be taken as a compliment.

One final note, be careful referring to your son as a pitcher. As soon as you label him, coaches will pigeon-hole him. Better to call him a “ballplayer” who is good at pitching, first base, etc. AND can play where needed. :wink:


Roger’s post was excellent. At that age, playing more than one position is preferred. As he gets older, he will eventually find out which ones he is the best at. When I was younger, I played Pitcher, Catcher, Third, and even a little second. As I got into high school, I was just pitcher and catcher. By end of Sophomore year, I was just a pitcher.


Thank you for your reponse.


When I was younger, about that age I was sort of pigeon holed to 1st Base, later on when I got to the 13-15 ages I ended up being an outfielder. Finally when I had my last year in that league I convinced my coach to let me pitch a few games, ever since I’ve loved pitching, I don’t get to do it that often but I love it when I pitch and I’m still considered an outfielder for the most part though.