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I’ve posted a couple of queries in the past and recieved good feedback on this site.

I have an 11 year old son who enjoys pitching whether it be LL or Travel. While he throws hard(I have no idea how fast, but his official LL stats to date are 27 IP, 55 Ks, 18 BBs), he doesn’t use his lower body consistently.He’s a stocky kid with big legs and it would be a huge advantage and save arm strain if he would do it all the time.
What are some drills he can try so as to promote muscle memory to bend his post leg and push off consistently? He does do it from time to time and when he does, his FB picks up noticably.

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IMHO, at this age the emphasis should be on proper mechanics, using the legs to supply the power and not the arms, instead of emphasizing velocity or even throwing strikes. Both velocity and strikes will come when the child is comfortable and throws properly without thinking about the mechanics. A child can get away with throwing hard in LL using only arms, but as they move up to bigger fields and better hitters, they’ll be blown away.

Personally, I’d rather loose some game time at age 11 to teach correct mechanics than to loose game time at age 13 because my child relied upon size and strength instead of proper throwing mechanics when he was 11. As for drills, I think simply practicing and not allowing the child to get away with throwing only with his arms works. I have a few nice bruises from watching my sons’ mechanics instead of the ball when catching. This is the 1st year my 12 yo (5’-9") has pitched, and mostly because we’ve been working on his mechanics the last several years, and because he’s been horrible. It’s pretty impressive to watch a kid who is not even considered athletic to come from “nowhere” and to have command of four pitches. The kids who have been pitching since they were 8 and relied on their athleticism are slowly taking a back seat 'cause they never learned the art of pitching.

Hershiser drill, cross-over drill, and towel drill can all be used to put focus on using the lower half. Search this site using Search button at top of page for descriptions of these drills.

EDIT: Corrected name of Hershiser drill. It’s named after the former pro pitcher named Orel Hershiser.

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That’s what I needed to know,I’ll take a look-see


“He’s a stocky kid with big legs and it would be a huge advantage and save arm strain if he would do it all the time.”

The context I meant with this sentence is that the advantage would be proper mechanics,not an advantage over the batters.
Just to clarify.