Using the legs, stride length

hey guys,

just a question concerning stride length. i’m about six feet tall and always looking to improve velocity and decreasing injury risk and i’ve heard using a longer stride is the key to that. what i don’t understand is exactly how far that stride has to be. i know for everyone it’s different. but thinking relatively should the stride be literally as far as the pitcher can stride or should it be a more conservative stride. the longer the stride the more oppurtunity for velocity? or does that only go to a certain point?

My two cents…

I’ve heard everything from 85% - 110% of your height. However, I hear 100% of your height as a target quite often. There are many experts on this site that can correct me but 100% seems to be a consistent number. Also, you should “lead with your hip” to get your stride. That is, don’t “reach” with your leg but, rather, lead to your stride.

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Good two cents there.

My suggestion is to not get too hung up on a specific stride length or %. Use it as a checkpoint but recognize that stride length is a result of other elements of your delivery. Maintaining good posture and balance and managing the glove side will buy you the timing to stay closed and rotate late. Combine that with early and faster movement down the hill to create more momentum and a long stride should result.

Once you’re doing that, check your stride length and if it’s not where you think it should be, identify the other elements you can improve and go to work.