Using Softballs

Since some people here including myself are interested in weighted ball training, I was wondering if people work out with softballs. Since softballs are 6.8 ounces compared to baseballs being 5 ounces, has anyone fit softballs into their routine? Anyone ever consider working with softballs in long toss or workout session?

I have seen pitchers in the majors use softballs to warm up in the bullpen by playing catch, cuz what it does is it makes you grip a bigger ball, and then when you throw with a baseball, the baseball feels alot smaller, making it feel alot better to grip, and yeah I say keep softballs away from long toss, but it is good to warm up with before you pitch.

Usually a pitcher that throws a fork or sinker will work with a softball to stretch out his fingers to get them use to being spread apart. This is done in bullpen or warmup.

Whew, I’m glad I’m not the only one having my kid throw a softball. Last year my 10 yr. old was playing catch with his older sister (fastpitch player) and they were using a softball. Of course because of the size it was hard for him to grip and throw, but afterwards when we played catch using a baseball, he had a lot of zip. He said he felt like he was throwing a marble. Now, maybe it’s psychological, but he likes the way it feels to grip a baseball after a softball. We still throw a softball from time to time but not too often because I still think grip and mechanics is what’s needed at this age and he can’t grip a softball like he can a baseball.[/i]

i know are outfielders coach who played college ball had us throw softballs for are outfielders throwing program. it makes you get on top of the ball and you need better throwing mechanics to throw it, if you drop your arm at all with a softball it will sail.

I dont think throwing a softball long distances is good, im no-where near an expert but I have heard it can be tough on your rotator cuff if you are going all out.

I talked with my doctor (Dr. Arthur Rettig) he did my Tommy John and he said that he really wouldn’t recommend weights ball system, because any slight dropping in arm angle can cause stress on the UCL and can leave it prone for injury. He told me that if I was deadset on throwing weighted balls then do it at short distances to warm up and have someone hovering overing me watching mechanics and arm angles.

Hope this helps.

Throw baseballs.