Using my whole arm to throw?

I told my coach when I was done pitching yesterday that my arm was hurting. He asked where and I told him on the outer and inner part of my elbow. He said it is because I’m whipping the ball by just using my elbow, but I get a lot of drive out of my legs. He said I have to throw with my shoulder too. So if I can learn to use my whole arm including my legs I know I will be able to throw harder and go longer into games. How do I use my whole arm to throw?

Sounds like you just have a timing issue whereby the shoulder open early and you’re left with only arm to throw with. But I couldn’t say for sure without seeing video.

try to have more windmill action on your arm

right now it is almost like a windmill, it goes down pretty low (about the knee, maybe a little lower). Yeah Roger I think it is timing issue becasue I have been changing my mechs a lot over the season and my arm slot keeps changing. i’ll try to get a video, i should be getting a new video camera soon.