Upper Level Pitching Exercises/ Workouts


Hey fellas,

It’s my first time on this website in a long while. Quick background about myself; I am a Senior in college at a top level NAIA program. Mid 80s guy with sink and two plus off speed pitches. We are pushed pretty hard at school with our strength coach & we use drive line for weighted balls/ long toss/ recovery & arm care, as well as a core velocity belt to work on our lower half.

I am looking for workouts, mobility exercises, and stretches to help put myself over the top. Flexibility is an issue I need to work on ( Shoulders, legs, & hips in particular). In the weight room, we do not focus much on shoulders so i would like to incorporate a light weight shoulder workout.

Does anyone have any suggestions? So far i plan on including the following in a routine to complete 2/3 times a week on top of everything we are already doing as a team.

Shoulder workout routine (need suggestions)
Back exercises
Core exercises
Forearm exercises
Hip mobility/ flexibility*** <— Must be a focus for me, any suggestions?
Full body stretching with a focus on shoulders/hips/ hamstrings ( Suggestions please)

Also any suggestions on training my mind to give myself an advantage over my opponents mentally would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you everyone in advance!


Pick up a copy of my tuffcuff program and then commit to it for the next 8-10 weeks this off-season.

Don’t get me wrong, all the exercises you described are perfectly fine, but it looks like what’s missing is a program that brings it all together for you in a comprehensive and methodical way.


Throw…working out isn’t going to put you over the top. Think about this…P90X was hugely successful for one reason…they made people work out for 90 days straight and saw amazing results. Was this because of specific exercises done in a scientific breakdown of sets and reps? No it was because if you get anyone committed to workout on anything for 90 days straight they will see results.

The tuff cuff plus what you are doing is more than enough.

Focus on learning to pitch and feel the baseball. Go back to throwing rocks and see what your body inherently does naturally then pitch that way. Don’t get caught up in working out to be stiff and stronger…loose and flexible is the answer.

Training your mind that you ended with is the key. And your workout program is just that…because mentally you have to be invested everyday to see results instead of looking for new and advanced workouts that seem to be a shortcut to less work.


thank you for your response. I didn’t mean to make it sound like i was looking for a workout routine. I am currently in week two of the driveline long toss program, and getting plenty of time in the gym with our strength coach.

As far as the shoulder workout i mentioned, i was looking for a light dumbbell (3-7 lbs) exercises. I thought it would be good to target some muscles that don’t get targeted in our workouts. Maybe those would be unnecessary considering i am on the driveline program.

I was actually hoping to get some information on mobility and flexibility more than anything else.


Driveline isn’t completely off base…just be careful on your long toss. That is a whole new topic but find the distance where your delivery starts to break down. There is a distance in which you make the transition to throwing uphill by throwing long and far…that isn’t the point. Short and quick…so watch for when you start breaking down in the backside to throw a ball farther…thats bad. A far throw doesn’t translate to a quality explosive pitch.