Upper Body Workout Confusion

I am a college pitcher and had a quick question about off season workouts.
I understand it is vital for pitchers to have big, strong legs along with a well trained core. But I have been hearing mixed things about upper body workouts for pitchers. I hear some people say it is beneficial to be strong and lift heavy…and others say to only lift light weights.
So besides doing tubing and other rotator cuff exercises, what should I be doing for my arms?
Are things such as dumbbell bench press, tricep extensions, seated rows, lat pull downs not good to do?

I’m a firm believer in hitting the back hard as well.

barbell rows, dumbbell rows, pull-ups, chin-ups, cable rows, and of course deadlifts.

I’m usually train chest hard in the off-season but not really much in season, I just tighten up so much post-workout and for the next couple days.

Some guys believe in isolation for the triceps and biceps, in some people it’s neccessary in others, the main compound lifts will work them hard enough.

Shoulders, I’m not gonna comment on that, I know I over head press and haven’t had problems, I probably shouldn’t but I don’t feel right without it.

You can workout your chest with heavy weight, you just have to be FLEXIBLE. I stretch every 2-3 hours everyday.

If only I had 2-3 hours of stretching time in my day.

Actually, I don’t really ever train with light weights, I know it has points, but honestly I know the more weight I can efficiently use and use good form with the better off I am.
and in season my chest workouts take a hit usually just because my elbow tends to tighten up and get sore after pitching, so usually I need a day off before and after by lifting day if I wanna go hard at chest.