Upper body routine questions -

I’ve been looking through these posts and have noticed that you guys do quite a bit of upper body work… I’ve noted that the mod on the server says ‘just even it out,’ in terms of bi/tri/back/chest/shoulder(?) and I understand that, but will muscle development in the bi/tri cause your arm speed to slow, thus slowing the pitch, and possibly even putting more wear on the elbow?
Also, by ‘evening it out’ what do you suggest for shoulder exercises? Will simply doing band work put on muscle to keep the body looking normal?

Currently I am doing only back exercises for upper body. I wanted to know if any of these should be removed from my routine or any other exercises added?

-Pull-ups (forward & wide grip)
-lat pulldowns (bring to chest, not back; wide grip)
-barbell bent over rows
-one armed DB rows
-Push-ups (Wide & standard grips)

-Shoulder shrugs
-Cable crossover
-DB flyes

Balance the upper back work with chest work. Barbell bench, dumbell bench, heres a link for some push up variations: Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION

As for arm care work, go to this link: http://www.letstalkpitching.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=9721

What is the # of sets and reps you do currently for your back workouts?

-Pull-ups forward hand grip: 3Xfailure
-Pull-ups wide grip: 3Xfailure
-lat pulldowns (bring to chest, not back; wide grip):1X12 1X10 1X8 @180 lbs.
-barbell bent over rows 3X8 @ ~130-150 lbs.
-one armed DB rows 2X8 @ 50 lbs.
-Shoulder shrugs 3X12 @ 150 lbs.
-Push-ups wide grip 2Xfailure
-Push ups normal grip 2Xfailure
-DB flyes 2Xfailure @ 20 lbs.
-Cable crossover 3Xfailure @ 40 lbs.

& I do deads but I do them on my leg day (4 day routine, Legs 1, Core/Abs 2, back 3, speed/vertical train 4, then back to day 1)

I see alot of high reps and lower sets. I recommend raising the weights and lowering the reps to the 3-8 range. Right now you are just building size on the back muscles, and not much functional strength.

Yeah, but I’m losing weight right now so maintaining my strength is about all my diet allows for without hurting myself (and I won’t build any muscle anyway)… I do however plan to switch back to the big weights and try for 5-8 reps once my cut is over (In 7 weeks).
The main reason I’m so afraid of upper body is due to the damage I did to my shoulder while basketball training… I lost a good 5 MPH on my fastball… So hopefully, and this may just be a dream, I’ll go back to normal because I stopped with the shoulder weight training.

Just avoid overhead pressing and you should be fine.