Upper body Plyos

To Steve or anyone else who has had experience, other than thes upper body plyos, do you know any other plyos?


The only others i can think of are the clap pushups and the smith machine bench where you throw the bar up in a explosive manner.

Theres a few others…

Power overs - pushup position with one hand on the ground, the other on a med ball or other. Go down and then “power over” the ball, switching hands. Repeat on the other side.

Switch grip pullups - a little more difficult. Just like a normal pullup, except you let go of the bar and switch grip at the top of the movement. It’s tricky, since you need to time it right.

With the med ball:
Punches- stand a distance away from a solid wall, holding the ball at shoulder height. Throw the ball as hard as you can and repeat 8-12 times with each side. You can also substitute dumbbells and do this on grass (heavier and with fewer reps).
Overhead throws- take the medball and try to throw it backward as far as you can. You can substitute dumbbells or logs/firewood for this, just be careful not to hurt yourself.