Upper body and Core workouts

Well…My resistance bands finnally snapped (after 4 years) and I’m flat broke. My TUFF CUFF money went towards re-lacning my glove.

I need to gain 20 lbs of muscle. My lower body is great. My upper body and core…eh. So what are some good upper body and core workouts I could do where I wouldnt have to spend any money.

gaining 20 lbs of bodyweight is difficult…i think 20 lbs of straight muscle is a little unrealistic…

Well just in genral I need to gain more wieght to throw faster.

i understand…do you have access to a gym?

no…I don’t have the money…I had to use it all for getting my glove re-laced, and other equipment fixed, and my resistance bands snapped

for upper body…all i can really advise would be to do push ups, sit ups, pull ups, etc. and if you don’t believe those are useful, take a look at herschel walker.

for more lower body exercises, look at doing plyometrics. it involves alot of high intensity jump training thats great for your lower body and for cardio.

Read these articles. Watch videos. Learn.





Thanks for the sites guys I’ll check 'em out