Uphill battle

I had a game that was quite interesting. From the outside looking it it seemed like I might have been having a little trouble but in my mind I was having a blast. I COULD say that I was in my best form today. My fastball had good velocity and my splitter had good velo and sharp break. But to me it was more like I was forced to throw good pitches and be in top form. This team was a young team but I could tell in the first inning, when I gave up 3 runs, that this team prided itself of their ability to hit. The same way they were last year. Im pretty sur that if I had faced any other team with the pitches I had tonight I would rule them because I have been successful with every other team when I am at a lesser form. But tonight every out was battle and I made sure every hit they got was a battle. It was a great day overall even though We lost I pitches 3 innings(all that I am allowed to pitch) I gavce up 3 runs in the first and 1 unearned in the third. But its one of those things you would have to see . The quality of my pitches were excellent and execution was great. I had a great start and I hope to repeat such quality pitches later on. I admire this team and respect them.

That’s baseball 4 ya. On some days you bring your great stuff and they put on a hitting spree. I hate when that happens :D, but when they beat you , they beat you

Just gotta smile and keep going.

exactly. id rather pitch well and get rocked then get rocked knowing i sucked

Lol thats the way I feel every day. Theres some teams that have 3-4 drafted kids in my league, and I can bring my absolute best stuff and still not get through two innings. Just gotta tip your cap

Let that thought fuel you for your next game. get pissed off