Updated pitches

I made a forum called “Pitches and or Grips” and i named my pitches, well i changed a little bit.
Four-seam Fastball 55-60 mph
Two-seam Fastball 51-53 mph
Split Fastball 50-53 mph
Knuckle Curveball 40-45 mph
Vulcan Change-up 46-48 mph
I had to use different versions of some of my pitches because of my new delivery. My curveball and Change-up just weren’t working so i experimented with different types of these pitches and they work. :slight_smile:
I’m also working on a cutter, but that might not end up working out.

I think you are working on way too many types of pitches! How old are you?

13, but now with my new delivery, i have no problem with working on them. I just work on my fastballs more than the off-speed stuff

That sounds very good, more work on fastballs and location of them, putting some effort into 1 or 2 offspeed pitches is the way to go.

yea, i dont want to get carrried away with my off speed pitches because fastballs are very important. They are very underrated for some reason