Updated mechanics 8.25.11

How do I look? I worked on it for awhile and it looks like im getting better compared to my mechanics from March. Your opinion??

this how i was in march

Definitely looks better - much more aggressive and athletic.

Things to work on:

(1) Set up in the stretch with your feet closer together so you don’t have to weight shift back towards 2B to go into knee lift - requires a change of direction which can affect repeatability. Also makes you slower to the plate and gives runners a bigger jump.

(2) Better “equal and opposite” (i.e. extension) of glove arm to mirror throwing arm. And try to stay “equal and opposite” until as close to front foot plant as possible. This will create better separation/torque.

Thanks for the compliment Roger. Always honored to hear from you.
I’ll work on “equal and opposite” to get better separation. Thanks a lot.