***UPDATED.. Help with kid I am coaching***

8th grade… kind of funky arm angle. Getting better.

It says it’s a secure video, you’ll have to make it public on your feed.

It should be good now.

I can’t see anything through the fence and the distance…

Really? Nothing at all? It’s not the best angle but I can see it clearly.

I can see the kid throw, I think it isn’t angle, more like arm action, he looks like he curls the ball…leads to supination and likely he’s experienced movement off of it so he thinks it “works”…a sling awaits continued use of that tactic…
Drills to help him keep his hand behind the ball (Any form of styled delivery drill can help), as well as the old piece of tape around the balls so he can see graphically when his hand starts getting to the side of the ball should help fix it.

Anyone who throws with just the arm—which I strongly suspect he’s doing—is asking for big, big trouble. He needs to learn what I call “The Secret”—getting his whole body involved in the process, something I learned a long time ago from watching how the Yankees’ Big Three did it. They drove off the lower half of the body, using the legs, the hips and the torso in one continuous motion, which was how they generated more power in their pitches (and took a lot of pressure off said arm and shoulder so they could throw harder and faster with less effort).
A good place to start is the “Hershiser” drill, which aims at getting the hips fully involved. And this kid should take a good look at his arm angle—arm slot—whatever one wants to call it. 8)

Thanks guys. I got this kid this year, he had been taught to throw side-arm submarine (At age 10!!!) so it is a slow process. He does throw with too much arm and has kind of a head jerk in the process.

I will get to work.

Lacks momentum as evidenced by his back leg barely coming around during follow-thru. Needs to lead with the hip and get his butt moving forward both sooner and faster. This will better engage the lower half to use his total body better.

Lots of Hershiser Drill. Towel drill would also be useful to provide instant feedback.

He’s obviously in need of some work. The kid took him yard on the second pitch and he didn’t even have a bat! :slight_smile: