Updated Freshman Mechanics

Today’s videos are him in the orange shirt. First change we made was moving to his glove side of the rubber (recommendation from Roger, thank you) as a simple fix to his late posture change. Real emphasis in limited time here has still been put on stride direction, as well as trying to work more north & south with the glove arm (initiating with the elbow) to eliminate some late posture issues, that makes him throw a little more across his body than I’d like.

You will see the biggest change from a month ago to now is he’s much more “loaded” now. His shin is no longer collapsing, he’s not hunching at the waste, and his head is much steadier. This is a result of eliminating a rocker-pivot and leg lift. He’s more explosive and synced up now as well. His glove arm action has really cleaned up, making his throwing arm @ landing in an ideal spot. He also repeats this delivery much more consistently and the ball simply comes out of his hand with a new zip.

He has the intent to throw the ball hard. We’ve tried adding some rhythm with is hands and hips first movement to help his momentum/tempo. The big thing with him is his front leg. That damn thing will not stay closed. “Pinching the knees”, “holding closed”, “showing the sole” ,“tension”, have all been said cues, but when he learns to keep the front leg closed longer everything else will sync up together better. What do you guys think?

Take a look at your head position at release in comparison to Smoltzy. Unless you are someone like Okajima for the Red Sox, the head is critical to establishing balance as well as assisting to keep you closed longer. If your head bails, your body must follow. Even looking at my avatar, the ball is away but the head is still in there.

A couple factors with the head position fix. First cue is my brother is taking his eyes off home plate as he’s finishing the pitch. He’s also still swinging his front side into landing too much, making it difficult for him to stabilize.

How I’ll go about the fix:

  1. Keep eyes level and on target through entire delivery
  2. Rotate back to front to complete hip rotation sync
  3. Land slightly closed
  4. Connect glove arm with more control (tighter)
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