Update 20 years LHP I need help


This is an uptade.
What do you think about my mechanics? What should i change and improve? What are my good points and errors?


I think you’re doing a lot of things well. The biggest issue is lack of early momentum. Notice how you don’t start to move towards the plate until your lift leg is almost all the way back down. Need to start moving at leg lift if possible. Have you tried the Hershiser drill? Will give you the feel of early momentum. Would be helpful to see angle from the other side and rear also. Can’t be sure from the angle but looks like you may be landing open & on your toes a little. Really need other angles to see. Momentum can solve a lot of issues. Overall I think you look pretty good.


You are right, I’ll practice the hershisher drill to gain momentum
And yep, you are right my front foot opens and lands on third base side wich I think it causes my arm drag
Any drills to avoid front foot opening?


I believe momentum might cure a lot of your issues. I’d encourage good posture. When you lift keep your weight at the center of your foot and get into a sitting position as quickly as possible. You need to get your center mass moving sooner. Need to keep your back foot anchored simultaneously. I wouldn’t worry at this point about the landing. More efficient movement can cure many issues. Arm drag is usually flying open. I’d work on momentum & see what happens.


I’ll practice my momentum to try to fix my windup
I have normal control, but when i miss, i do it high and away in the zone.
Do you think i have the tools to be a good pitcher or i have to work out more?


I think you look pretty good overall & can get better. Where you’re missing is consistent with flying open. This also causes loss of velocity and added strain on the shoulder. Hopefully working on momentum will improve your timing.


Thank you, i’ll post my progress later.


The amount of people neglecting early forward momentum amazes me. I think TV might have something to do about it. When you watch tv, you get an angle from BEHIND the pitcher which gives the illusion the pitcher gets a leg lift then strides and throw. But what you are actually missing is the fact that during leg lift the pitcher is literally falling off the mound toward the catcher to the point where he would literally end up on his butt if he wasn’t landing with his front foot to stop him.

Check the lower hald of Drew Storen here look how he cheats his front foot inside to really lead with his heel in an effort to unconsciously keep himself from planting too soon his front foot. Also, check out his back foot, that angled plate hes pitching off of is a very good idea to help yourself driving forward with your hips first THEN your leg can start going forward.


It obviously works for him but don’t think it’s something I would recommend a pitcher try to immulate.


I was in a hurry when I wrote that, what i meant to say is take this as a drill to learn to move those hips early. OBVIOUSLY, don’t make any drastic change to your real delivery, but trying to imulate this stride technique as a drill could give you a feel for the motion you want to achieve. Just a thought.


I can see Storen’s mechanics are similar to mine. It this supossed to be good or bad?
One of my flaws is that i fly open and my arm is dragging.


There’s a reason why you fly open, you are missing the power drive from the beginning of your delivery which then reduces the time for the stride and foot planting which leads to quicker action and more than likely less time to open up too early!


How can i increase my power drive?


Oh really don’t take my terms as scientific or anything, im just saying that at this point

You should start thinking about leading towards the batter with your right butt cheek instead of straight.
Clayton kershaw gets away with it because of his herky-jerky delivery but notice that at this point

He starts REALLY falling forward.

unortodox, but still VERY effective


i can see kershaw makes a kind of slide step after he gets down his leg like a kind of double movement
I guess this gives him balance and accuracy right?


I agree with the comments above about early momentum. Moving forward sooner and possibly faster will change your timing and getting into front foot strike sooner will make your rotation more “on time” instead of early. That equals less flying open and arm drag.

The other thing that should improve your flying open is to make sure you get your glove arm into a good “equal & opposite” position with your throwing arm. It looks like right before front foot plant your throwing arm is extended straight back while your glove arm is bent. So get your glove arm extended straight forward to mirror your throwing arm. That extra movement will take a little more time which will allow the shoulders to delay rotation a bit longer - no more flying open/early rotation.


Thank you, that’s a good advice.
I see good momentum leads to a good rotation and to avoid flying open
But what do you recomend to me doing “the push and go forward” mechanics like pedro martinez or the leg lift-slide step Kershaw mechanic?


This is a pretty good view


Here’s Roger Clemsons. Chapman has a counter rotation. Can’t argue with his success but don’t know that I’d try to immulate (the counter rotation). You can see the momentum with both.


I can see Clemens had long arm action but he has great momentum. i’ll stick to clemens