I used to be a regular poster here until about 6 months ago. I was getting psyced for my senior season. I went to tryouts with a minor elbow injury (left over from the incedent below) and wasnt throwing well at all. I was in the low to mid 70’s and I was looking to be up around 80. My coach who is obsessed with velocity was not impressed and told me that I could be on the team but I was not gonna play. I basically told him no freakin way was I gonna put up with another season like the one before.

I was told basically the same thing last year, but last year I stayed on the team hopeing for him to realized that I’m as good as anyone else. Well I did well in the 2 innings I got to pitch 2 k’s 1 h 0 bb. So I was thinking that he would let me pitch again. Well all season when by and the closest I got to pitching was being the bullpen catcher until the last game. We we’re losing 8-1 and I went in, in the last inning. I threw two fastballs for balls. The the next 21 pitches my coach called for curveballs. After abot 10 straight my elbow got a little sore. By 15 it was really hurting so I shook off a curve. Then the coach got mad that I shook off his call. Well 6 curves later I only had 1 out and 1 on and 1 run in. He took me out.

So now I’m thinking about playing in college. I’m going to play on the club baseball team in my freshman and maybe sophmore year. Then Ill tryout for the school team.

So do you all think the year off will help or hurt me. My elbow is better now. Also if anyone has any advice for my situation it would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome back, dawg!

Sounds like you were in a bad situation. But I’m glad to hear your elbow is better now. My advice is to do what ever gets you playing time and the chance to face good batters. Get your arm back in shape, regain your control and velocity, and learn from facing those batters.

So you already took the whole season off? What did you do while you weren’t playing? Did you do any specific rehab protocols? Or, have you not taken the time off yet?

Well tryouts were in the beginning of march. In the spring sports season I played golf for the first time and did pretty well. From the beginning of march until last week I didn’t touch a baseball. I wasnt planning on playing anymore until last week or so. I wasn’t throwing, or doing any specific rehabbing.

explaint to him why you shook off his sign

Thats sort of beside the point. But just yelled from the dugout and I wasn’t quite pissed enough to yell back.