Unorthodox methods of relaxing on the mound?

Hey I was just wondering, what do you all think of when you’re standing up there on the mound looking at a bases-loaded, bottom of the ninth predicament or in any situation that doesn’t favor your outlook on the game? In other words, what are some unorthodox ways that you use to calm yourself down? Before the games, I usually like to listen to a little music and when I find myself in a situation, I’ll think of that song that gets me jumpin’ and begin to bob my head. My friends said that it looked funny when I did it, but we brought the game back from 0-9 to 10-0 on my first pitching with the three innings left. What helps you? :slight_smile:

Well i dont have any special ways to calm down ON the mound, but last year i had great success in big games while listening to good slow music like Bob Marley’s No woman, no cry. Kind of funny but it actually just lets you focus on whats ahead and keeps the craziness of big games away from you, be your own person and be in your own zone, it truly helps.

That’s awsome! I believe that music has a soothing soul that can calm anyone down and get them ready for a good challenge.

I have advised people to do this and it works. For this purpose I like Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” and U2’s “Vertigo”.

The soft stuff doesn’t work so well.

Sometimes the soft music does work for those who’s nerves get easily worked. It’s different for different people. I do like to listen to both of those songs you’ve mentioned though, Chris, before games.

I listen to some very hard metal music like disturbed, union underground, ect… and sit on the bench thinking about ripping every single hitter into little pieces. Sounds cruel, but you will never be intimidated after doing that for 10 minutes.

Listening to soft, relaxing music makes me feel like a pu$$y. it gets me too inside my head.

I listen to up-tempo techno. The beats get me thinking agressivley.

CCR gets the job done for me, gets me in the perfect mind set.

I personally love pitching in situtations like that in an away park. I’ll listen to whatever the hitters music is and get pumped on it myself and just think I’m better than the guy coming up to hit.

But on the other side of things before the game I’ll be one of the loosest guys around and try not to get to worked up. And if I think about something bad on the mound that hasn’t happened yet I’ll give myself a knock on my cup, sort of like knocking on wood.

Breathe through your eyelids.

Doesnt everyone do this? :lol:

This season I was quite the escape artist. If anyone is around Cleveland I was a Bob Wickman type closer where I don’t have overpowering stuff and get runners on.

Anyway just relax and focus on the batter. Music helps but for me as a reliever listening to music 2 hours before I get in doesn’t do a whole lot. “Clearing the mechanism” is something that I have always found myself doing even before I saw “For Love of the Game” and thats what they called it. Pretty much I can zone out and not hear anything, just me and the ball and the catcher. I don’t know if its a sense of meditation or not but I have found when I get into tight spots to just get into this sense of focus.

It worked pretty well for me this year, just take a deep breath and don’t let anyone get in your head, you are the game and everything revols around what you do so everything else means nothing.

On Bus rides to games I like to sit by myself and prepare myself for the game in which im about to pitch. I am the leader of the ship and it all depends on my performance if we’re going to win or not. That’s why i have to be focused, and relaxed. I liek to listen to u2, Dave Matthews Band, and Def Leppard

I listen to stuff that gets the heart racing and the blood flowing to get ready to beat anyone. Being a predominantly fastball pitch this helps. I listen to heavy beats techno, metalica or disturbed

Booma, if your into this (which I am), try…

Vader, Children of Bodom, Jet (maybe?), DragonForce (very fast beats, power metal, and its all the glory of metal, but with rock singing)…

Tell me what you think (if you get to reading this Booma)

Children of Bodom, Bathory, Immortal, Blind Guardian.
NOw that what gets your heart going

Before each inning…

Get down on my knees and brush off every piece of dust from the rubber.
Write initials MD (mom and dad) in the back of the mound.
Take a deep breath while facing the outfield.
Grab the ball from third baseman and go.

During a crucial point…

Trade balls
Fully untie and retie both cleats if they needed it or not.
Deep breath.
Visualise a perfect pitch in your mind that would get you out of the inning.
Get the ball and do work.

i just take a breather and laugh at the batter. i don’t know why, but it works. I love to have the ball under pressure.

Come get some!