Unknown Drop in Velocity


Hey all,

Over the past few years I’ve had some trouble with my velocity that has been a mystery to me & others around me. To give a little background, I am a 6’6 RHP in my sophomore year in college. The summer of my senior year in high school my fastball velocity was 86-90 T91. That fall I went off to school and my velo dropped to 78-82. I wasn’t too worried given how much I had pitched in the spring/summer, and my velo crept back that next spring to 86-88 and that summer back to 86-90. However, this fall it went right back down to 78-82 and hasn’t come back since. I have tried my usual tactics to get my velo back in the offseason, but no luck.

At this point, I’m considering three possible answers but am open to any advice. The main reason I think for velo drop is mechanical adjustments I might not be used to yet? But I wouldn’t think it would cause such a drastic drop. Also, I had intense elbow/bicep pain this fall that I self-diagnosed as tendinitis that I just pitched through and eventually the pain stopped. Could that have some relation to it? Or could it just be a case where I’ve thrown so much over the years that my arm is starting to tire out? During my high school years I would throw 100+ pitches most starts in the spring and throughout the summer & fall showcases.

Any information or opinions would help!


Take a look into your routine and know that velocity isn’t an absolute. CNS could be dead one outing (tired body), nutrition and sleep bad from last night, plenty of variables. I’ve had velocity differences from 79-85 to 85-90 within the same week and days from each other. Identify and control what variables you can control to have success and you’ll hopefully find some consistency. Have a routine that leads you to peak performance for atleast 1 day a week