Unique question concerning weighted balls

During the offseason, I plan on using weighted balls to try to gain a few extra mph on my fastball. As a sidearm pitcher, should I do the weighted ball program with my sidearm motion or is that just asking for an elbow injury?

Tough question. Don’t know of any sidearm pitchers who’ve done the weighted ball program. On one hand, I don’t know why it would be any different than overhand pitchers doing it. But the sidearm motion, I think, is more stressful as it is, so adding the weighted ball could be too much. Srry I don’t have a more concrete answer for you.

This could also depend on the weight of the baseballs. I’d assume you would be safe with 6oz and 7oz but over that would increase chance of injury. But you should also find a good weighted ball workout and follow it to avoid any injuries.

I don’t think weighted balls are any harder on sidearmers as long as you have good mechanics and timing. If you have mechanical and/or timing issues, then you should fix those before taking on a weighted ball program. And this is true regardless of your arm slot. IMHO.

Instead of a weighted ball use a softball…I have had great results with it. I would have my pitchers throw 3 times a week 30ft 3mins, 60ft 2 mins, 90ft 3 mins, and 120-140 for 3-4mins. 4-6 weeks only…during this time don’t let them touch a baseball…great off season workout